Meet the Team


Nathan Alston

Nathan is a storyteller, arts manager, and lover of Black Queer history. With 10 years of arts management experience, he loves the process of supporting artists so that they may share their unique perspective. He is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and the University of Michigan. Nathan is a Black Queer person who is forever inspired by the lives of his heroes James Baldwin and Lorraine Hansberry. He currently lives in Chicago.


Daniella Gennaro

Dani is a former public school teacher who is passionate about fostering inclusive curricula. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Studies and an MBA at the University of Michigan (‘22). Dani cares deeply about centering the stories of people whose narratives have been ignored and made invisible. 


Evan Otero Gilmer

Evan has a background in corporate finance and consulting. He has an MBA from the University of Michigan (‘22). Evan is passionate about DEI efforts and driving change in unequitable systems and policies.


Featured Creators:

David Brandyn

David Brandyn is a comedy writer from New York living in Los Angeles. For two years, David was selected to write for the CBS Diversity showcase. Most recently, he was chosen as a Sesame Street fellow which inspired him to shift his focus to children’s media. This new journey has enabled David to write the “very black and very queer”  stories that he needed as a kid.

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Lia New

Lia is an illustrator and storyteller with a passion for kid’s literature, stationery, and cute things. They make work about embracing identity, and use their experiences as a Black Queer person to influence the narratives they create. Their illustration process references styles enjoyed by all ages to facilitate joy and learning.


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Angel Manson

Angel is a comics artist and illustrator, and a recent BFA graduate from the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. They have been drawing since they were old enough to hold a pencil, and have always had a passion for storytelling, specifically kids' stories that teach self-love and empathy. They always make it a priority to center BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folk in their work, and hope their stories inspire people to be kinder to both themselves and others. They currently do freelance work and author a fantasy webcomic.

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