Our History

Plucky Comics was founded in 2021 by Daniella Gennaro and Nathan Alston at the University of Michigan. Combining our backgrounds in education and art, we fiercely believe that history should be accessible to all children and adults. We believe (and research supports) that excluding the stories of Black Queer people negatively impacts all childrens’ ability to understand the past and the impact they have on their own futures. To spread these stories and empower a future generation of students, we built a team of artists to begin to tell the Black Queer stories that we wish had been present for us when we were children. Within each of these stories are tales of Black Queer heroism, love, and resistance that deserve to be more widely known. We hope that these comics, images, and stories will inspire you build community, stand up for who you are, and be the iconic Queer legend that you were born to be, just like our legendary ancestors. 

  • At Plucky Comics we commit to:

    ☆ Building comics (and gorgeous merch that celebrate our heroes) that are true to the heart and soul of the individuals they depict. 

    ☆ We will pair each story with a robust set of teacher made educational materials that can spark conversation or serve as a supplement in the classroom. 

    ☆ Building a business that will provide fair and equal opportunities for Black Queer storytellers and allies who are fiercely dedicated to Black Queer history. 

    ☆ Fighting for education equity at the state and federal level through grassroots activism and community support.