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Our First Comic: Ferronica’s Vanity

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We are excited to announce our first comic entitled Ferronica’s Vanity. This will be the first in our Century Series which highlights Black Queer people who made an impact at the turn of the 20th century. In this comic, we meet the ever-iconic drag queen Ferronica as they begin a quest to discover who they are. Along the way, they unexpectedly meet William Dorsey Swann, a former enslaved person and one of the first Queer resistance leaders in American recorded history. Join us as we learn what it takes to be “the Queen of Drag.”  

This comic is available for pre-order. As our first comic, this is a limited edition comic with only 250 being printed. Printed comics will be sent straight to your mailbox in early summer. Please be sure to include a mailing address that will work with you through the month of June.

The pre-order price includes shipping.